Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 51: 4Down Logo

The logo for a project i'm currently working on, which will hopefully go live in about a month. Stay tuned....

oh yeah and.... guess who's back!

Day 51: Logo Concepts

Logo concepts for a financial advisor client at Raymond James Ltd.

Day 50: Lowder Design

Portfolio website overhaul. Currently under construction but its getting a face lift.

Day 49: FIFA 2010 Creative Advertisement

I felt the urge to create an unconventional advertisement for the FIFA 2010.
Like a meteor, it comes around every so often. And when it does, the whole world stands in awe. Economy, politics, anguish, pride... all seem so far away.

The only time the world becomes one.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 48: E-LAN's World

A screenshot update of my online portfolio website. WWW.ELANSWORLD.COM

Day 47: The Incredible Hulk

A movie poster parody remake of The Incredible Hulk.

Day 46: Ain't No Stoppin Me Now

A promotion poster for the Israeli Hip Hop star Alon De Loco.

Day 45: Are You Charged

A wallpaper concept for a Dodge Charger.

Day 44: DJ TZ

Promotion wallpaper to the new Logo for DJ TZ.

Day 43: Tattooed Wallpaper

A tattoo design that was later on developed into a wallpaper.

Day 42: Play on Words

My face created with words. By shrinking the image you could see the shadows and detail on my face.

Day 41: The New iLan - Gelled Hair Edition

Promoting the new and futuristic iPhone (iLan).